About Us

Protection and Indemnity Services Asia Ltd or PANDIASIA is a dedicated P&I correspondent and claim management service provider in Bangladesh and Myanmar. We are a young company but old in our experience of providing professional services .

Our History

Protection and Indemnity Services Asia Ltd or PANDIASIAis a venture of Henderson Marine Bangladesh Ltd, the Bangladesh affiliate of Henderson International Group ( PANDIASIA was set up in September 2012 to separate the claim management activities of Henderson Bangladesh from its survey related activities to allow greater clarity to customers, clients and other stakeholders. Henderson International Group has been operating in Bangladesh since 1998. The main focus of Henderson Bangladesh has been survey for the H&M and P&I industries as well for cargo underwriters and shipowners. However the brand equity of Henderson Group, embedded in the professionalism of the staff and management of Henderson Bangladesh, have encouraged many clients over the years to seek claim management services from the company.

Henderson Bangladesh has become the preferred surveyor, average agents and claim management consultants for many H&M underwriters, and correspondent of fixed premium P&I underwriters. In addition Henderson Bangladesh has been providing correspondent services to IG Group P&I Club on a case by case basis for some time. These developments have encouraged the formation of a dedicated P&I Correspondent firm with focus on correspondent business with both commercial and legal focus. This legal separation between the instructing correspondent and the surveyor will ensure that always the best survey expertise can be procured and that the surveyors retain their independent identities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the interests of our clients, whether Protection and Indemnity Clubs, shipowner or charterer members, Hull and Machinery Underwriters, or law firms, in Bangladesh and Myanmar with effective high quality advice and agreed intervention displaying the highest standard of professionalism , integrity and commercial prudence. In serving our clients we always adhere to instructions and act in the best interests of our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be by 2020 the leading regional hub P&I Correspondent known for integrity, professionalism, and transparency. In our journey to our vision, we are committed to developing a strong professional pool with expertise in shipping, marine claims and maritime law, and investing in systems and processes to become a major influencer in the development of a healthy and competitive shipping industry in our region.

Our Capability

We recognize that we are a Professional Service Firm and our strength is our professionals. We understand the structure of the industry we serve, the aims of our clients and specific services that we need to provide. We have designed our organization with a capability framework needed to meet our mission and vision.

Our strength is in our capability which is embedded in our high caliber and influential staff and our un-parallel experience in Bangladesh and the region, in all matters related to maritime operations and claims.

Our claim team consists of high profile professionals with three core competence:

Harnessing over 150 years of collective maritime and commercial shipping and legal experience, and leveraging our strong relationship with the port, government and private shipping enterprises, we can bring about the best possible outcome in matters of a maritime incident in the quickest possible time.

Our Business Model

We recognize that we work in a difficult and challenging environment where we need to be proactive and commercially prudent while fully adhering to the ethical standards set by our clients. We are aware that we need to look beyond our own competence and be innovative and socially involved within the industry networks to be an influencer in the markets where we are present. Our business model is built on this understanding of internal and external factors that we need to consider to leverage our capabilities in our markets. Our business model is based on our capability together with our professionalism, local and international network, an efficient IT infrastructure that allows quick response to situations.

Our Clients